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Fire and Smoke Detector on Ceiling

With a wide selection of products and installation, along with thorough inspection services, Eastern Fire Protection LLC provides effective fire prevention services. Whether you are a small business owner or a facilities manager at a large industrial site, you can count on us to make sure you are prepared for any fire scenario. We believe you must prepare for the worst to ensure the best results in a fire emergency. Contact us for more information on our complete line of services.

Products and Services We Offer:

  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection

    When checking the fire extinguisher, we replace the tamper seal, make sure the pull pin is free, make sure the hoses are clear and that there isn't any rust, and make sure it hasn't reached its expiration date. If we have to take an extinguisher to service it, we will leave one in its place.

  • Fire Alarms—Sales and Installation

    These are normally tested quarterly, where we make sure all the fire panels are up to code and all detectors are up to code. We make sure all components are inspected and then certified. The local district fire departments are sent copies of the reports.

  • Fire Sprinklers—Sales and Installation

    Actual sprinkler installation details depend on the jurisdiction. The systems are tested either semiannually or yearly and a report of the sprinkler system status is sent to local fire authorities. We install engineered systems, making sure the systems have the right amount of coverage. We perform upgrades to existing buildings, which includes adding to an existing system and installing water gongs on sprinkler systems or upgrading them to electrical gongs wired to the alarm system.

  • Fire Suppression Systems

    Restaurants are required to have fire suppression systems over kitchen appliances. We perform semiannual inspections on restaurants and industrial buildings (HAZMAT must be specially protected) to make sure they are in compliance with all local codes. Commercial kitchens usually have wet systems and industrial buildings have powder systems.

  • Computer Room Fire Protection

    We also offer sales and service for FM200 (the clean gas for computer rooms). The "new" halon is FM200, which is replacing old halon systems. Halon depletes the ozone layer, where FM200 does not. The FM200 system is tied into the fire alarm panel and provides a mixture of gases that doesn't corrode the computers. Clean Guard FM200 doesn't affect people or computers, but is effective to put out fires; installation includes an abort switch with a manual override.

Contact us or stop by our Woonsocket, Rhode Island, location for the sale and
installation of fire sprinklers, fire alarms, and other fire prevention services.